Lock Washers

What is Lock Washer?

The locking washers can be made of metal or non-metal materials. The purpose in using them is to keep nuts and bolts from vibrating or friction loose. They are many different shapes and sizes, but they all try to achieve the same goal. When properly applied, lock washers provide a shabby, basic way to keep threaded fasteners steady over a long period of time.

Metric lock washer :

Chin Hsing is a professional and experienced manufacturer of metric lock washer with “CS” Brand, nice quality metric lock washer producer and a famous metric lock washer exporter, supplying metric lock washer to whole the world. Metric lock washer agent, metric lock washer distributor are wanted .

Metric Lock Washer: AW00-AW56 (MB00-MB56), AWL 24-AWL40 (MBL24-MBL40)

2 products in this product line
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