Withdrawal Sleeves

AH2 Withdrawal Sleeve
Product Name : Withdrawal Sleeves
Product Model : AH2

Q'ty :


    Product Character
    • Bearing Withdrawal Sleeves for metric shafts , withdrawal sleeves for metric spindle.Supplied completed with Lock nuts and lock washers or lock plates.


    Withdrawal sleeve Part No. mm Suitable Bearing Part No.
    AH208 35 2208K 1308K 20308K 22208K 21308K
    AH209 40 2209K 1309K 20309K 22209K 21309K
    AH210 45 2210K 1310K 20310K 22210K 21310K
    AH211 50 2211K 1311K 20311K 22211K 21311K
    AH212 55 2212k 1312k 20312k 22212k 21312k
    AH213 60 2213K 1313K 20313K 22213K 21313K
    AH214 65 2214k 1314k 20314k 22214k 21314k
    AH215 70 2215K 1515K 20315K 22215K 21515K
    AH216 75 2216k 1316k 20316k 22216k 21316k
    AH217 80 2217K 1717K 20317K 22217K 21717K
    AH218 85 2218k 1318k 20318k 22218k 21318k
    AH219 90 2219k 1319k 20319k 22219k 21319k
    AH220 95 2220k 1320k 20320k 22220k 21320k
    AH222 105 20322k 21322k
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